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Designed & engineered in NZ, for NZ.



Kiwi roading has the most course chip seal used on the planet due to the weather conditions. This is to ensure traction for vehicles in challenging conditions. For transport this means a greater rate of rubber tearing and tyre wear.



Materials on Kiwi roads are similar to international metropolitan conditions commonly found in Europe with chip, cobblestones, concrete and natural stone. The exception is that the speeds across these surfaces in New Zealand are much higher with freight traffic turning and braking resulting in higher wear and tear on the tyres

Carters Tyres


Population and topography challenges results in New Zealand being unable to afford the expense of laying 1 – 2 m of base course rock for drainage. Kiwi roading engineers faced with this challenge designed a drainage camber of 12 - 13° to ensure run off of surface water. As a consequence, the roading camber causes rapid shoulder wear on the left side of the trucks or the inside tyres of trailers.

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