265/70R19.5 Market Trial:

Kiwi Truck Tyres KIWI175 has been trialed in the market against other trailer tyres. Some are the cheapest in the market and some are the most expensive. The KIWI175 has outperformed all tyres. Based on the data below it demonstrates using Kiwi Truck Tyres will bring savings to your fleet.

  • Savings on Cents Per Kilometer between 12.7% and 42%.
  • Saving on downtime and servicing costs as you are getting 85,754 km's vs 53,000 km's.
  • Price per mm of tread is competitive with the cheapest tyres on the market. KIWI175 has 17.5mm of tread, the cheapest in the market has 13mm.
  • Reduction in environmental footprint. 

Line Haul Trucks:

Truck #44 is running on KIWI20 275/70R22.5 that was on a competitors tyres that is a very well known brand. The competitors tyres were getting 80,000km per set and the KIWI’s have just been rotated at 80,000 with 8mm treat still left. We are predicting we will get around 120,000km which means we are increasing our mileage by 40,000km on a set of tyres. We cant fault the KIWI products and will continue to run as much of our fleet on them as possible.